Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our web sites are about to change

HMS Software has one of the oldest web environments in the world.  We first started the site in the late 1980s when websites were just new to allowing graphics images.  Our first version had about 7 images including the logo and a half dozen menu buttons.  We were about the 7000th entry in the then-pre-eminent Yahoo index.   That may not seem like much but at one time Yahoo was adding about 16,000 business entries a day.  We talk about our web environment because it’s more than a website.  It’s a collection of websites, domains and web services including this one; our blog at (or
In today’s modern age, an organization’s web presence is critical to its public image and HMS Software’s web environment has changed many times over the years.
It’s about to change again.  Since mid-2014, we have been working on a complete re-architecture of how our websites look and how we provide information to our HMS TimeControl communities.
Changing the look and feel of a website for an organization isn’t a casual decision.  Aside from the costs and effort involved, we’re sensitive that returning visitors may find the change unsettling.  However, the design we’ve used for almost 10 years now was made in a PC-only world and we have to do a better job of accommodating many devices.  So, sometime later this quarter, our current sites at,,, and are going to change their look from what you see on the right here… what you see on the right here... 
We’ll be consolidating the 5 domains above into for all things TimeControl, for all thing TimeControl Industrial and for anything more general about HMS Software. 
We’re doing a lot of work in the marketing department to make sure we don’t lose any content during the change and we’ll be doing a large number of “re-directs” for pages that have names that have moved. 
Stay tuned… We’ll be making another announcement on this shortly before the sites change.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

HMS is expanding its development department

We’re looking for a Software Engineer

Does the idea of working for a rapidly growing company interest you? Are you a team player who enjoys a hands-on coding role in technical product development?

Our culture is fast paced, informal, and focused on the success of both our customers and our team.  The ideal candidate will work within a small team of developers to design and develop our commercial enterprise software and application programming interfaces with a focus on integration with enterprise applications.  As a team player, you have strong analytical and problem solving skills and the ability to build relationships and communicate effectively with others. 

Here’s more detail about why you’ll enjoy working on our team:

  • Industry leading benefits
  • Competitive compensation
  • Casual, make-it-happen work environment
  • Incredibly talented, driven, team orientated co-workers

Skills & Experience

The qualified candidate should be bilingual in English/French and have skills and experience in:

  • C# using Visual Studio
  • Web Application development
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Proficient with database systems development using SQL
  • Web / WCF Services
  • Soap
  • XML
  • AJAX
  • ADO.NET / LINQ / Entity Framework
  • Thorough understanding of multi-threaded application architecture and development
  • WPF / ClickOnce
  • Mobile development for IOS and Android

To apply: Email your curriculum vitae to and specify the job posting for “Software Engineer”, or fax to 514 695-8121.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

TimeControl 6.8 includes the Accruals Module

Did you know that TimeControl 6.8 includes a powerful Accruals Module to allow Human Resources and Payroll departments to automatically calculate and store time in many different categories?  Many organizations have scenarios where the timesheet is an ideal place to calculate overtime based on the total number of hours or the amount of vacation or personal time off that has been earned each period based on a person’s seniority or managing banked overtime.  TimeControl’s new Accruals Module allows all of these types of calculations and more.
This extensive functionality is included with every TimeControl or TimeControl Online and has four different accrual rule categories:
1. Calendar Accrual Based on Static Valuesaccruals_4_300x189 In some organizations, your vacation time or personal time off is earned at a standard value.  For example, let’s say you get 3 weeks of vacation and a standard week is 40 hours long.  Each month you might earn 10 hours.  The calculation is 40 hours times 3 weeks for 120 total hours per year of vacation and divide that 120 by 12 months and we get 10 hours per month.  TimeControl can automatically do the storage of those hours into each employee’s vacation bank.
2. Calendar Accrual Based on Posted Time ValuesImagine that we need to calculate a set number of hours per employee each month based on the total number of hours accumulated during this period to their personal time off bank.  The calculation might be particularly well suited to people who are on part time or hourly pay as opposed to salaried staff. 
3. Timesheet Accrual Based on Rate CodesSome organizations may configure TimeControl to accrue time into a bank based on the value found in the rate code.  For example, it is quite common in TimeControl to identify a rate as an overtime rate with specific values for internal cost vs. external billing value.  The TimeControl Accruals module can look at these lines and determine if the overtime values should be treated as time to go into a particular employee’s bank such as banked overtime over a certain value.
3. Timesheet Accrual Based on Timesheet HoursIn some organizations, there are rules for the amount of overtime that can be accumulated based on the number of hours in a timesheet.  Let’s say, for example, we want to add to the employee’s overtime bank an amount calculated at 1.5 times the hours for any time spent over 40 total hours but below 50 total hours and 2 times the hours for any hours above 50. 
A TimeControl instance may include numerous Accrual rules.   Some rules could apply to the entire staff and others might apply only to certain staff or even to certain staff under some conditions. 
Find out more about TimeControl Accruals at

Monday, January 12, 2015

Wow, what a year!

Thanks to our remarkable clients 2014 was a record year of growth and productivity for us.  HMS experienced growth in every category including services, TimeControl for on-premise, our subscribed TimeControlOnline service and even support services.  So, a big thank you to both our dedicated staff and, of course, our expanding clientele.  2014 was our 30th year of operation and 20th year of operation for TimeControl but we feel like we’re just getting started.
In 2014 we released TimeControl 6.7 and 6.8 including such popular and powerful features as the TimeControl Workflow engine and the new Accruals Module.  We also finally said goodbye to the last of our old ActiveX controls.  They continue to be supported as a legacy feature but new installations of TimeControl won’t even see them by default.
2015 promises to be even more exciting!  We are already putting the final touches on TimeControl 6.9 which is scheduled for release in February and design is underway for a major new wave of TimeControl which we’ll tell you more about during the summer.  We’ll be giving you a sneak peek at the new marquis feature of TimeControl 6.9 right here in the blog in the next couple of weeks!
So, 30 years of HMS history are now behind us but the best is yet to come!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

TimeControl at Steven Winter Associates

swa_building_350x233 We are delighted to get written testimonials from our TimeControl clients quite frequently here at HMS but this year one of our clients has gone a step further.  The folks at Steven Winter Associates worked with the HMS marketing staff to get a case study written of their selection and use of TimeControl.  We’re thrilled with the result which is now on the TimeControl website.
Steven Winter Associates is a leader in their field creating best practices for high-performing buildings.  It’s remarkable work.  In January 2010, Steven Winter started looking for a timesheet system that would allow them to be effective in their work of making buildings more effective.  TimeControl would become that system and it has been making a difference there ever since.
The case study is at: or find out more about Steven Winter Associates at:

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Project Imports with TimeControl 6.8

With the update to TimeControl 6.8 for both on premises and on line users, the internal links to project management tools have been rewritten to be much more effective.  In particular, we’ve updated some links to use Guaranteed Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) when they are available.  This allows us to be much more precise about what task to send data back to and to do that transfer much more quickly. 
We were already using GUIDs in several links that we wrote more recently but we’ve been able to update a number of PM import and export links now to follow the same architecture.
In order to make sure this works properly for you, you should do an import of any open project prior to posting data to it immediately following the upgrade to 6.8 (this is true also for TimeControlOnline users).  This is a best practice anyway so you are likely doing this already but if you make sure you do a PM Import of any open projects that may have been using older identification methods, TimeControl will happily transfer them to GUIDs in the background without any further intervention.
Please contact TimeControl technical support at if you have any questions.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

We’ve just received a letter from E2PM

e2pm_logo E2 Project Management is an engineering and consulting firm based in New Jersey and we can’t thank them enough for the kind letter they recently sent.  E2PM’s president, John Ferrante told us that their firm has been using TimeControl now for 3 years and that it has exceeded their expectations.  We’re delighted to hear it.  Thanks John to you and your entire team for your support.  If you’d like to read John’s letter in its entirety, it can be found at:

You can see other testimonials on the TimeControl testimonial page.